Christian Theater Owner Gets MASSIVE Response After Standing Up To Disney

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March 09, 2017Mar 09, 2017

A Christian theater owner made international headlines after she posted an announcement on her theater’s Facebook page letting patrons know she regrettably could not, in good conscience, play the new “Beauty and the Beast” movie at her family-friendly establishment.

Her decision was based off the Disney director’s proud announcement that the live-action remake would feature a “delicious,” “nice, exclusively gay” romance, despite it being a children’s movie.

In response, Carol Laney of Henagar Drive-In in Alabama vowed to not run it because doing so would violate both her faith and her commitment to only show wholesome movies at her theater.

"I had been so excited to play Beauty and the Beast," she told the UK Premier, "But when the producer said they were going to have an openly gay character with a 'surprise' at the end — I didn't want to be surprised and certainly didn't want my grandkids to be surprised.”

Not surprisingly, she’s received a lot of hate for her decision, including desires that her establishment be burned to the ground.

But she has faith she’ll be alright in the end because she’s doing the right thing.

"God's going to bless us," she made clear. "When you're doing his will, you have got to trust and have faith in God and he will take care of you."

And she’s gotten positive response, too. Numerous Faith Family America readers have cheered what she’s doing, and Christians across the country have donated money to her to help her out.

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