Christian School Under Fire For Banning Student From Graduation Ceremony After Her Life Changing Event

May 25, 2017May 25, 2017

Maddi Runkles is a young student who attends a Christian High School. Recently, she learned she was pregnant and is due to have a baby boy. 

Sticking true to her faith and pro-life roots, Maddi has chosen to have her baby. She said it will be harder to accomplish her dreams and goals in life, but she will be able to do so together, with her new son.

However, after the news broke that Maddi was pregnant, her Christian school came down hard on the student. Originally they told Maddi she was suspended and would have to finish the rest of the school year from home.

When her parents appealed that decision, the school agreed to let her finish the year with her class, but they removed her from her position on student council and said she is not allowed to walk with her fellow classmates at graduation.

The school has gone on record saying Maddi is being disciplined not because she is pregnant but because she acted immorally.

Maddi and her parents, along with other pro-life groups, feel the school is missing a big opportunity to showcase choosing life. They feel that by casting her shaming her and making an example out of her, more young women will choose abortion instead of wanting to keep their babies.

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