Christian School Stands For Right To Dismiss Gay Students

May 27, 2016May 27, 2016

The nation's largest anti-Christian group is going after a private Christian school in Wisconsin. St. John's Lutheran School of Baraboo has a strong desire to teach their students to live after Christ. As part of this, they teach on sexuality and discipline those who live outside of the Bible's teachings. This is part of why parents send their children to this school.


As homosexuality and transgenderism have been growing in popularity, the school has had to make decisions on how to deal with such behavior. They have chosen to discipline and dismiss, if necessary, students who say: "This is who I am. I do not want to change." Their guidelines state, "We must warn the impenitent that homosexuality, like all sins, excludes people from eternal life (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)," shares The Christian Post.

"We are happy to assure the repentant who are struggling against this sin that they have complete forgiveness through the blood of Christ. When Christ died for all of the sins of the whole world, he gained forgiveness for homosexual deeds, for homosexual desires, and for the inborn sinful nature that produces these sins (1 Corinthians 6:11)."

This, of course, has inflamed the atheist group, Freedom From Religion Foundation. Though the school is privately run and under religious freedom protection, they receive small government funding for school lunches for those who need it. The atheist group is using that to say that the school is discriminating towards gay and transgender students and withholding government-funded lunches from them if they are dismissed. "St. John's Lutheran School has implemented policies that discriminate against students on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity," says the FFRF. "As they students are unable to attend the school, they are unable to participate in free and reduced price lunch programs."

Ridiculous, right? But crazier arguments have won out. Now the school is standing for their right to teach and live out the Christian faith as they await any word from the government. "The federal funds we receive are designed to help children and families, not fund and operate our school. We will gladly cooperate with any investigation, and we want to continue to provide these government programs to our families," said the school.

"We have not heard from the federal government. We therefore have no information on the specifics of the allegations or the funding sources that are alleged to trigger coverage under the federal laws."

St. John's stance is a very strong one in this crumbling moral society. It can appear harsh and judgmental to many. But the school shares their heart here: "It is rather an expression of our conviction that, as Christians, we look to God and His Word to define what is right and wrong, moral and immoral."

"All parents who enroll their students in our school are aware of the expectations for student behavior and agree to support the beliefs and policies of the school. Upholding God's standards of right and wrong is an expression of genuine love and concern for people and society."

What do you think about the school's right to discipline and dismiss students for disobeying the Bible? Let us hear your thoughts here! Thank you!