Christian Pastor Tells His Harrowing Story Of Captivity In Iran

January 27, 2016Jan 27, 2016

Prior to his recent release in a prisoner swap, Christian Pastor Saeed Abedini had been held in captivity in Iran since 2012.  He endured a harrowing ordeal during the years spent behind bars.  Now home safe, Abedini is speaking out.  He recently appeared on Fox News.

Abedini was arrested while trying to set up home churches for Christians in Iran.  He was taken before a judge.  “He said you are here because you want to use Christianity to remove government and it was like no, I don’t want to do that.  I just came here to start an orphanage, love people and share the gospel with people and just that,” Abedini said.

Abedini suffered a lot at the hands of his Iranian captors, including beatings.  However, the worst experiences were psychological.  “The worst think I saw was when they took some Sunnis for execution,” Abedini said, “It was in front of our eyes, and they took like tens of them to hang, every Wednesday.”

At one point during his imprisonment, Abedini was put with another American captive, former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati.  Despite their dire situation, Abedini was happy to be able to finally talk to someone.  “I made a plan to talk to him, encourage him.  The best thing I could do over there was pray,” Abedini said.