Christian Leaders Victorious Against New Bill That Could Doom Faith-Based Colleges; However...

August 11, 2016Aug 11, 2016

Christian leaders are victorious after they led to the defeat of a new bill that could have doomed Christian colleges, but their joy is tempered by the harsh provisions in the legislation that still exist. In other words, this is only a minor victory.

According to Christianity Today, the bill — SB 1146 — would have ultimately pulled state funding from religious colleges in California that enforce codes of conduct banning homosexual behavior. Earlier versions of the legislation would have also cut off funding for restricting bathrooms and locker rooms to people's biological sex and teaching that marriage is only between a man and woman.

Loss of state funding would hit even private universities hard because so many low-income — and even middle-income — students rely on state help to afford tuition.

After a massive amount of pressure by Christians and religious leaders, the bill's creator — Democratic Sen. Ricardo Lara — decided to drop it, but he hopes to push an amended version through in the near future that would require colleges to disclose to the state what their morality codes are and report to the state every time a student is expelled for breaking them. In other words, the amended legislation would still have the purpose of "shaming" Christian colleges for being biblical and keeping track of their incidences of "discrimination."

Lara made that quite clear when, according to the Los Angeles Times, he said, “The goal for me has always been to shed the light on the appalling and unacceptable discrimination against LGBT students at these private religious institutions throughout California."

Please continue to pray for protection for Christian colleges in California and other states that may try to follow their lead.