Christian Football Coach Fired For Praying Sues The School District. But Not For Money…

August 10, 2016Aug 10, 2016

Former high school football coach Joe Kennedy was let go from his coaching position at Bremerton High School in Washington in January of this year for his Christian faith. Kennedy would routinely pray at the 50-yard line at the end of each game to give thanks to God. His players and even the players from opposing teams would willingly join in the prayer.


Being a practicing Christian was not tolerated by the school district. They enacted a bigoted policy that banned “demonstrative religious activity” despite the prayer being completely voluntary. According to the Daily Caller, Kennedy was forced to choose between his faith and his job.

Kennedy is a former combat veteran and not one to give up the fight easily. On Tuesday he filed a lawsuit against the Bremerton School District arguing that they violated his 1st amendment rights and civil rights.  The former coach is not seeking any money in the lawsuit. Instead he is only seeking to be reinstated as a coach and to not have his religious freedoms infringed.