Christian Bakers STAND Against Threats: We Just Want To Honor God

March 01, 2016Mar 01, 2016

Would you have imagined 5 years ago, if you were a cake baker, that you would have to stand at the center of the religious freedom fight? Probably not. But that is what is happening to numerous Christian bakers across the nation, especially after the Supreme Court's marriage ruling.

David and Edie Delorme own a small-town bakery in Longview, Texas. They are known for their wedding cakes. But after Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo asked them to make a cake for their ceremony, they are known for something else: bigotry.


Long before the issue of same-sex marriage, the Delormes committed to run their business in a way that honors God. They turned down tobacco/alcohol-related cakes as well as anything risque. So when the gay couple asked for a cake, they said: “I’m sorry but we don’t provide wedding cakes for homosexual marriages.”

Edie Delorme explained to Fox News, “We don’t do cakes that might conflict with our spiritual convictions. It was not something personal against the two young men. We just need to be able to run our business in a way that honors God.”

Now they are the targets are a hate campaign. The offended gay couple went to the press, and now people are taking to social media to slander and even threaten the Delormes. Fox reports these messages to the bakers, among many others:

“See you in Hell, lady. Racist criminals."

“This business is run by a homophobic piece of s***."

But the Delormes are standing by their convictions. “We feel like if we are going to be putting our name on something, we want it to encourage Godly values,” Edie said. Her husband, David, is very upset at the threats to their family.  He said, “There’s something wrong with that. Homosexuals have a right to live their lives ... But we want to live and practice our faith and run our bakery in a way that honors God.”

They are seeking legal counsel preemptively, as others in their situation have been targeted by the LGBT community and fined. We are saddened by what the Delormes are having to go through to stand by their faith. But we are also so proud of them! How do you feel? What would you do if it were you?

Will you say a prayer for their family and business in the Comments? Thank you so much!