Christian Author, Speaker Details How God is Using Her Powerful Abortion Journey

June 11, 2018Jun 11, 2018

Abortion: a word that is commonly seen as “ugly” with a Biblical worldview. Religious people are often known for standing on the side of the streets with signs calling women “murderers,” but is that how Jesus would handle this type of situation?

“Save the Storks,” a pro-life Christian organization that encourages women to choose life for their unborn babies, takes a different approach against abortion. Instead of name-calling and guilt-tripping, Save the Storks offers a variety of free pro-life services to women and responds with love.

Christian author and motivational speaker Victoria Robinson, Director of External Relations for Save the Storks, recently spoke with Faith Family America writer Alex Olsen to share more about this pro-life organization as well as her personal abortion journey.

“Save the Storks [exists] to serve pregnancy resource centers all across America,” Robinson told FFA. “Our goal is to help empower women who feel cornered by abortion — being that 64% of women say they felt they had no option other than abortion, we want to encourage them that there are other options and hopefully they’ll make a decision for life once they hear what those options are.”

According to Robinson, Save the Storks assists pregnancy centers nationwide by partnering with them to raise funds for a “Storks Bus” — a mobile bus that offers free ultrasounds on board for women ahead of their decision.

“Four out of five women that board a Storks Bus after having an ultrasound will choose life,” she assured. “You can’t deny a heartbeat; sometimes its arms, legs, the whole [body]. You can’t deny that. When a woman hears her child’s heartbeat, she makes that connection. It goes from her head to her heart.”

This differs drastically from getting an ultrasound at an abortion clinic. Many people aren’t aware that most abortion clinics do not show the mother the ultrasound image or allow her to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.

Robinson herself had an abortion earlier on in her life, which is why she has such a heart for Save the Storks and the pro-life movement in general. After dealing with guilt and shame for so long, she eventually overcame the obstacles — with God leading the way — and used her testimony to share the power of life with others.

"My goal is that mothers-to-be are fully informed so they're able to make an educated decision before they walk into an abortion clinic, and they understand the possible ramifications for choosing abortion — there are other options,” Robinson stated.

Robinson’s decision for abortion was widely persuaded by her boyfriend at the time — she felt trapped. Later, she realized she was not fully informed on all of her options. After some time in post-abortion counseling and a thirteen-year healing process, Robinson gained the strength to unashamedly share her story through Save the Storks. Both Robinson and the organization are making a major impact Biblically across America.

“We’re meeting people where they are, we keep everything in [a Biblical] perspective,” she mentioned. “In Micah 6:8, ‘He has shown you, Oh man what is good and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercily, and to walk humbly with your God?.’ That’s what we strive to do at Storks. We’ve been called for such a time as this. This is our mission.”

“My [aborted] child didn’t die in vain,” she added. “My child has saved thousands of babies from being aborted as I’ve shared my story for over a decade now all across the country...I don’t want someone to make the same mistake I made.”

Robinson ended the interview with a powerful statement about the pro-choice movement. When we hear the label “pro-choice,” we think of those who support abortion, but Robinson offers a unique perspective.

“I actually consider myself more pro-choice than some of those involved in the pro-choice movement. For example, I want [mothers and fathers] to know about all of their options; I want them to fully understand there are other options besides abortion. The majority of the time when a woman walks into an abortion clinic, she's only going to hear about one option — abortion. The abortion industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, so it makes sense it wouldn't be good for business to discourage a woman away from having an abortion,” Robinson stated boldly.

To hear more about Robinson’s personal journey and the Save the Storks organization, please watch the video below:

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