Christian Athlete Had to Quit Team Because They Wouldn't Wear Pro-LGBTQ Uniform

June 05, 2018Jun 05, 2018

The Christian soccer player who dropped out fo the U.S. women's national soccer team last year has confirmed a reason: her faith was conflicted with wearing a jersey celebrating gay pride. 

Jaelene Hinkle, the woman who dropped out of the team, claims that she felt convicted that it wasn't right to wear the jersey. After initially feeling that it wasn't right to wear the jersey, she gave herself three days to pray and determine what God was asking her to do in the situation. 

LifeSite News writes that she discerned that God was urging her to leave the team and abide by her conscience.

Hinkle personally committed to her Christian faith when she was 12 years old. When she got into college, it became more difficult to be both a Christian and a soccer player. But when she got a blood clot during her junior year of college at Texas Tech, she was faced with the possibility of never playing soccer again. 

Upon realizing that she may never be able to play soccer, she was absolutely devastated. It was like "everything came crashing down," she recalls. And so she promised God that if He ever let her play soccer again that it would be for Him. 

The blood clot then subsided and the doctor told her that it was a miracle. At that moment, Hinkle was more dedicated to her Christian faith than ever. It is for this reason that, when her soccer career and Christian faith came into conflict with one another last year, Hinkle chose faith rather than her career. She chose Jesus rather than honor and popularity.

And she is certainly paying the price. She has not been asked to come back to the women's national team.

Hinkle currently plays for the North Carolina Courage in the National Women's Soccer League. According to Oregon Live, when she and her team traveled to Portland, Oregon last week, she was greeted with angry attendees who booed and jeered when her name was announced. 

On top of that, one soccer fan even held up a rainbow sign that said "personal reasons," which was the official reason that Hinkle gave for leaving the national team last year. Opponents will not let Hinkle quietly and respectfully make her decision without harassing and protesting her.

“I knew in my spirit I was doing the right thing,” she said. “I knew I was being obedient. Just because you’re obedient doesn’t make it easy.”

“If I never get a national team call-up again...that just is part of His plan and that’s okay,” said Hinkle. 

Please keep Jaelene Hinkle in mind as she receives hateful comments from people throughout the country. She made a very brave decision and needs your prayers. 

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