Christians Are Outraged Over Jennifer Lawrence's Heretical New Movie

September 14, 2017Sep 14, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence's new movie Mother! is so disturbing that it's hard to even explain the premise. On the surface, it's a home invasion thriller, but the Biblical allegory is the more troubling part. 

The movie, which stars Jennifer Lawrence as a woman simply referred to as "Mother" and Javier Bardem as her husband, "Him," tells the story of a pregnant woman and her poet husband. While her husband writes, Mother painstakingly restores their home, which had previously been destroyed in a fire. All is going well until a mysterious guest shows up on their doorstep, and her husband invites him to stay with them. Shortly after, his wife also arrives to stay. 

Lawrence's character gets increasingly distressed as her home gets destroyed by the successive numbers of guests who appear. In the trailer, her husband shouts that he just wanted to bring love into their home. Lawrence responds that she can only give so much. In the end, the husband allows his wife to set the house on fire and destroy herself. 

When you look more closely, a ridiculously heretical story emerges. It's an allegory that the director Darren Aronofsky doesn't even bother to deny. 

Lawrence's character is mother earth, her husband is God, and the first two visitors are Adam and Eve. As the house fills with more people—just as earth filled with more people—the guests destroy the house. In Aronofsky's conception, God stands by and lets the earth be destroyed. 

Aronofsky calls the movie a "cautionary tale" about how we treat the earth. 

"I wanted to make a film from the point of view of our mother, and I don't think the story of our journey with our mother is over yet, so this is very much a cautionary tale as well as reflection," revealed the director

While it's obvious that people sometimes abuse the earth, it's the director's depiction of God that is the most disturbing. This certainly isn't a picture of a loving God. Aronofsky's God is selfish and unaware. 

"[H]e simply wants too much love," said Aronofsky, who explained that Javier Bardem had to express "his need for love and even more love past her."

The movie ends with another actress waking up in Lawrence's bed, and asking her husband the same question Lawrence's character did at the start of the movie. Clearly, the cycle is about to restart; God will continue to demand too much love from the earth. 

Christians should be appalled at the way that Aronofsky twists the loving God of the Bible into a demanding and selfish being who simply takes and takes but never gives back. They also should question the film depicts the human race and the implicit criticism of families and natural population growth. 

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