Christian Doctor, Father of 7, Opens Experiential Therapy Clinic in Utah

Dr. Christian Monson Psy.D. is a devout Christian, father to 7 children, and a strong supporter of freedom. Recently, an experiential therapy practice in Orem Utah.

Experiential therapy uses expressive tools and activities to reenact and relive emotional situations from past and present relationships. This includes role-playing, acting, props, music, animal care and guided imagery. The client focuses on the tasks and begins to recognize the feelings of success, failure, responsibility, and self-esteem that result from the experience. Clients may feel able to release and examine negative emotions like anger, sadness, or shame. This can be done by referring to past events or continuing to do so under the guidance of an experienced therapist.

When is it used?

Experienced therapy is used to treat trauma, eating disorders, behavior disorders and grief and loss, drug abuse, many types of behavioral and physical addictions, and compulsive behavior like gambling. It is also recommended for those who wish to let go negative, sad or otherwise unpleasant feelings from their past, change the nature and potential of their relationships and their present and future relationships. Experiential therapy can take place in many contexts, including individual, clinic, and medical settings. There are also numerous recovery, treatment, rehabilitation programs and forms of conventional talk therapy.

What to Expect

Experiential therapy doesn’t have to be a single type of treatment. This means that you may be able to focus on different “hands-on”, treatments and experiences as well as talking therapy. With the help of a therapist, you may gain greater insight into your own emotions, creativity, and relationships. You also learn to reflect on your life experiences, which will help you make better decisions and be more authentic to yourself. Your therapist will help to increase your awareness and understanding of how you feel. Your therapist may talk to you while you are doing the exercise, or during private therapy sessions.

How does it work?

One of the most important principles of experiential therapy states that one’s perspective can influence one’s actions. Re-experiencing past emotions and releasing them can help the client experience positive sensations such as love, forgiveness, and tranquility. This will allow them to be more open to experiencing the present and change their perception of reality. In practice, experiential therapy can take many forms. Client-centered therapy is one that respects the client’s choice for which therapy they prefer. One client might choose animal-assisted treatment, while another might prefer art or theater as a way to express themselves.

What to look for in a Behavioral Therapist with lots of experience

Private counseling should be done with a licensed and experienced therapist. In addition to researching qualifications, you should feel comfortable and secure dealing with the therapist that you choose. Only choose accredited, state-licensed treatment facilities that are staffed by qualified, professional mental healthcare personnel in medical or clinical settings.