Chrissy Teigen’s Son Miles Knocks Out Sister Luna’s Tooth

John Legend, Luna, Chrissy Teigen, and Miles.
Courtesy Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Call the tooth fairy! Chrissy TeigenAnd John Legend‘s daughter, Luna, lost a tooth after little brother Miles knocked it out.

Teigen, 36, shared the playtime incident via her Instagram Story Monday, June 13. Her 4-year-old son ran in from outside — where he and his sister, 6, were playing in their bathing suits — and proudly told his mother about his accomplishment.

“Mom, Mom! I got Luna’s tooth out! I knocked her mouth, and it just came out,” he said.

“You did?” the Need to satisfy your hunger?Legend, author’s husband, asked the question while holding back laughter. Her son exclaimed.

“You hit her mouth, and it came out?” Teigen asked.

Tooth Fairy Time! Chrissy Teigen's Son Miles Knocks Sister Luna's Tooth

Chrissy Teigen’s daughter, Luna.
Courtesy Chrissy Teigen/Instagram

Luna didn’t appear to be upset. “He accidentally did it,” she said, much to the Utah native’s relief. Luna, who is losing her baby teeth, still had her goggles on and was wrapped in a beach towel as she showed off her brother’s handiwork.

She smiled big at her mom and showed the camera her missing front teeth. Teigen was given the appendage. Teigen will keep it safe until the tooth fairy arrives.

The Chrissy’s CourtStar revealed that Luna lost her second front incisor earlier on this month. “Tooth fairy time!” she captioned a selfie with Luna, who had a gap on the right side of her little smile.

In May, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model said her kids “are keeping it exciting these days,” via Instagram alongside photos of her little girl doing a martial arts pose while her son hung climbed 43-year-old Legend’s back.

Teigen added, “I’ve also never seen such competitive human beings in my life. I swear we are keeping both of them but they act like we are fixin to ditch one.”

The Lip Sync BattleStar only wants her family to grow. Teigen lost her pregnancy in September 2020. She named her baby boy Jack after her. She revealed earlier this year that she and the “All of Me” singer were attempting to have more kids with the help of in vitro fertilization.

“They consider themselves lucky to be in a position where they can try,” a source exclusively told Us WeeklyIn February. “It’s thanks to John’s love and support plus his levelheaded-ness that Chrissy’s been able to stay so positive and strong. They’re taking it step-by-step but both feel confident and optimistic.”

Legend is proud of his wife, who completed their latest round IVF in March. “It’s his decision as much as hers to try,” the insider added at the time. “He’s proud of Chrissy for showing the courage and strength to go through IVF, which of course has its share of physical discomforts and can be an emotionally exhausting process too.”

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