Chrishell Stause Addresses ‘Selling Sunset’ Fans Calling Her a Bully

We are not here for the backlash. As Selling SunsetSeason 5 of Netflix’s popular show received positive reactions from fans Chrishell Stauseis speaking out about her fraught relationship with costar Christine Quinn.

“I just wanted to address something real quick. Every single season, I see this common thing every time that I’m actually, you know, not really nice, I’m fake nice and that I’m actually a bully or whatever,” the 40-year-old real estate agent began via Instagram Stories on Monday, April 25. “Here’s the thing, to all the nice girls out there, listen, you try and be nice, you try and do the right thing. I’ve worked in this business a long time. I have kept so many close friends. I try and always be professional.”

Stause concluded her message: “At the end of the day, you don’t always have to be nice if somebody keeps pushing you and does not respect your boundaries and that is OK.”

The former soap opera star was seen talking to Quinn, 33 on the fifth episode of the reality TV show. It aired on Friday, 22 April. Stause was shown telling his then-boyfriend Jason OppenheimThat he should fire How Be a Boss B*tchauthor for comments she made on their relationship and the cast members they were with, including Mary FitzgeraldAnd Emma Hernan. Fans have mixed feelings.

Chrishell Stause
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“This is probably unpopular opinion but Chrishell has been messy. It’s scary how obsessed she is with Christine,” one person tweetedFriday. “How do you go to trying to get Jason to fire her? Then question if Chelsea even sells[] real estate. This sleeping with boss got to her head #SellingSunset.”

“Not saying Christine is innocent but every single one of those girls have some issue they need to work on not just Christine,” a second viewerTwitter. “She’s being made out to be the only villian [SIC]. Emma, Mary, and Chrishell are also the villians [SIC]. #sellingsunset.”

A third user argued, “No way y’all are calling chrishell the villain when christine has been bullying chrishell since the start of the show. y’all are just as delusional as christine… u expect chrishell to be chill after all that s—t christine’s done to her?!? #SellingSunset.”

Chrishell Stause Addresses Selling Sunset Fans Calling Her a Bully 2

Chrishell Stause
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Quinn, for her part, briefly addressed season 5 on Friday via social media, tweeting, “30 minutes til the launch of #SellingSunset enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines.”

Quinn was not present at the reunion taping for season 5, as she had tested positive for COVID-19. News broke days later.

“Christine tested positive for COVID and out of abundance of caution for the cast and crew, she did not attend the reunion,” a rep the reality star told Us WeeklyMonday, April 25, “Producers offered her the opportunity to video chat, but she declined because she wasn’t feeling well enough to do it.”

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