Chris Pratt Delivers Undeniable Message About Christianity, Jesus, and Prayer in Powerful Interview

September 24, 2018Sep 24, 2018

Award-winning actor Chris Pratt, 39, is one of the few outspoken Christians in the Hollywood scene. In a predominantly liberal and non-religious environment, Pratt often goes against the status quo by sharing his faith in Jesus Christ.

Earlier this year, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star was under major fire after offering to pray for a director. In 2017, Pratt also made national headlines for boldly praising Jesus at the Teen Choice Awards.

In a recent interview with the Associated Press, Pratt opened up about his Christian faith again. The powerful interview consisted of an undeniable message about the Christian religion, Jesus, and the importance of prayer.

When asked if it is an important time to publicly discuss faith, Pratt replied, “I don't know that I am so much more motivated by where the world is or if it's just what I'm feeling called to do right now. I think it's a combination of both things. It feels like an important time for that.”

“That kind of a message, it might not be for everybody. But there is a group of people for whom that message is designed,” he added. “And nothing fills my soul more than to think that maybe some kid watching that would say, 'Hey, I've been thinking about that. I've been thinking about praying. Let me try that out.' That's like the only way I feel like I can repay what has essentially been a giant gift in my life.”

“I think that there's this narrative that exists out there that Hollywood is anti-Christian or anti-religious, but it's just not the's authentic for me to be pro-Christian, pro-Jesus. That's my thing. I like it. And I've never had anyone try to shame me, to my face,” Pratt insisted. “Maybe they go say it behind my back. But if that's the case, go ahead. You can say whatever you want about me - to my face or behind my back. I'm not going to change.”

Watch a video clip from Pratt’s interview below:

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