Beloved Reality TV Star Reveals Nearly Fatal Accident, Now Paralyzed in Both Legs, Arm, Hand

July 03, 2018Jul 03, 2018

Recently, reality TV star Chris March revealed a heartbreaking update about his health. The beloved "Project Runway" star opened up about a horrific accident that happened to him a year ago. 

March had kept his accident private until this spring, nearly a year after his accident, when Andy Cohen posted about it and asked people to donate to his medical expenses. Fans immediately began to reach out to the beloved, humorous designer. 

Now, March is speaking out about the accident himself.

He said, "I fell and hit my head in my apartment. It's that simple. I passed out and laid there for 4 days. I woke up and called 911 and somehow got to the hospital."

March noted the several medical issues that were discovered when he was at the hospital: high blood sugar, organ failure, lungs collapsing, failed kidneys, infected gallbladder, and several wounds. March also revealed that he was put into a medically induced coma that lasted for 2 months. 

March said that it is a miracle that he is alive today. He said that for a few months after the accident, he couldn't talk and sometimes didn't even know where he was. 

Thankfully, March is alive. Sadly, however, he revealed some difficult news from the accident. He is paralyzed in both of his legs from the knees down, and his right arm and hand are paralyzed as well. 

The designer said, "I am currently in a medical facility in Northern California. They get me into a wheelchair so I can go outside sometimes."

March also said that though life has been painful for him,  he is grateful to be alive. 

He said, "I have good days and bad days and the worst days you can imagine, but I still have my brain, and for that miracle I am forever grateful."

Please keep Chris March in your prayers as he continues to deal with this difficult circumstance. Share your prayers here! Did you watch him on Project Runway? Let us know. In other recent news, a megachurch pastor was just forced to step down after harmful accusations.