World-Famous Singer Faces 6 Months of Jail for Gift He Gave 4-Year-Old Daughter

December 27, 2018Dec 27, 2018

Over the last several years, award-winning singer Chris Brown has been no stranger to trouble. He has had several run-ins with law enforcement, most often due to his aggressive behavior in past relationships. Now, the singer is facing punishment yet again, but this time for a completely different reason.

On Thursday, the news was reported that Brown has been charged with two counts of owning a restricted species without a permit. He owns a pet monkey- a baby capuchin- called Fiji.

Recently, Brown was forced to give his monkey to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Now, Brown is facing up to six months of jail time, the maximum sentence for the charges.

The singer had initially drawn attention to his pet monkey earlier this year when he posted a video of it with his daughter, Royalty. Several people reacted harshly to the video, saying that the singer was teaching his daughter poor ethics.

Many people were upset that the then 3-year-old was given an exotic animal. Hundreds commented on Brown's Instagram post threatening to call the authorities on him for owning a monkey. 

Below is the video that initially caused the outrage:

Eventually, after an investigation was launched, Brown surrendered the monkey to authorities and has now been charged. According to reports, if the singer wouldn't have surrendered the monkey, the authorities would have conducted a home raid.

According to The Source, Brown will head to court on February 6, 2019.

What do you think about this? Should Brown actually go to jail for this? Let us know your thoughts! In other recent news, a type of Ibuprofen has just been recalled for young kids.