Chris Pratt Supposedly Feuding With Katherine Schwarzenegger, Maria Shriver’s Family After Getting Left Out Of Family Photo, Rumor Says

It is Chris PrattFeuding with Katherine Schwarzenegger’s family? One report states that beef is good for your family. Maria Shriverhe was left on the outside looking in with his in-laws. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Out With The In-Laws’

According to OK!, Pratt’s at odds with the Kennedy side of his wife’s family. A source says Pratt “seems to have made it clear that being a Hollywood superstar is a top priority, and a lot of Katherine’s family, especially on mom Maria Shriver’s side, take issue with it.” Pratt’s been too busy shooting blockbusters to be an attentive father, and the Kennedys aren’t happy about it.

The Lego Movie star “was a regular no-show at family gatherings,” a source reveals, and now he’s busier than ever. Many thought marrying into the Kennedy family would force Pratt to assimilate, but he’s had Hollywood on the mind. Many Kennedy kin “find him cocky,” a source concludes. “They think he is being a bit selfish.”

Is Chris Pratt arguing with his in-laws?

This story serves as a trivia reminder to Chris Pratt that he did in fact marry into the Kennedy family. With Katherine’s last name Schwarzenegger doing so much heavy lifting, it’s easy to forget. Pratt is a professional actor — an incredibly successful professional actor who has to juggle multiple marvel movies with raising his kids. Family reunions across the country aren’t going to be a high priority. 

Pratt and Shriver get along fantastically. The two of them just went. Christmas tree shoppingThis week. Not only that, but Shriver’s siblings were there too. He’s clearly a welcome part of the family, and this tabloid obviously has no idea what it’s talking about.

Other Tall Tales

OK!Pratt and his other famous inlaws have been at odds for years. In 2019, Gossip CopThe story that Pratt feuded with Arnold Schwarzenegger has been debunked. Arnold was a fan of Pratt’s before he even started dating Katherine, so that narrative is bogus. It followed up that story by claiming Pratt was obsessed with Arnold and wouldn’t stop pestering his wife about him.

This is the pattern that you can expect from Pratt’s follow-up story to this bogus Shriver story. It will state that Pratt suddenly becomes obsessed with Kennedys. Ultimately, Pratt’s just a frequent target of OK!’s ire, with many stories about him choosing between his family and his career. The Parks and Recreation star doesn’t seem to have any issues sustaining his work-life balance. This is a completely false story.

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