Chris Martin Dumps Dakota Johnson On Her Birthday?

Did Chris MartinBreak Dakota Johnson’sAre you a romantic? According to one report, Coldplay frontman Coldplay left his longtime partner hours before her birthday dinner. Gossip Cop investigates.

Dakota Johnson’s ‘Birthday Shock’

According to In TouchJohnson was looking forward for her birthday dinner when Martin sent a shocking text. A source says, “Just hours before the dinner, Chris texted her and said he wanted to take a break… she was devastated.” This isn’t their first breakup, but it’s still hitting her hard.

Martin asked for the split, a source says, because “he got cold feet. The saddest part is that he did it over text.” Johnson apparently tried to hide her heartache, but it was impossible. There’s still some hope for the couple, however. An insider says Martin’s ex Gwyneth Paltrow “is trying to get them back together. If anyone can do it, it’s Gwyneth.”

Chris Martin’s Very Public Statement

It’s not common to find a story as obviously false as this one. It is a great example of the dangers associated with print media. Martin performed at the 02 in London with Coldplay before this story was published. He dedicated his song “My Universe” to Johnson. “This is about my universe. She’s here,” Martin said as Johnson watched from the balcony.

The story is false if the couple had split up a week before. This article is hard to believe even without this comment. How is it possible for the tabloid to know which texts Johnson has on her smartphone? Even her closest friends wouldn’t know what the things the tabloid says it knows.

Other Bogus Stories

It’s funny that this story makes a point of saying Paltrow loves Johnson and wants her to be with Martin. In 2018, this tabloid reported that the opposite was true. It claimed Paltrow was ruining their relationship. A rep for Paltrow called the story “ridiculous,” and Gossip Cop couldn’t agree more.

Martin and Johnson later had a destination marriage promoted by it. Paltrow was also mentioned in the story. It’s true that Paltrow and Johnson are friends, but that doesn’t justify just how much she pops up in stories about Johnson. She’s not a wedding planner or bridesmaid for Johnson either.

Martin and Johnson are still very much in love, but they haven’t gotten married. This text message breakup is a fabrication. They’re doing just fine, and this is just another reason to doubt In TouchMartin and Johnson