Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky ‘Living Separate Lives’ Due To His Career, Latest Gossip Says

Are you Chris Hemsworth Elsa PatakyAre they close to a split. According to one report, their busy schedules make it difficult for them to see each other. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Living Separate Lives’

According to Woman’s Day, Pataky’s trip to Spain with the kids is somewhat sullied because Hemsworth couldn’t go. The Star TrekStar is currently at work Extraction 2He lives in Los Angeles, far from his family. Pataky looked downcast at her family compound while Hemsworth was busy giggling with his old friends. The outlet notes that Hemsworth still loves and respects his wife, as he recently said, “She’s certainly given up more than I have.”

What’s Going On With Elsa Pataky?

This short story can be reduced to one sentence. Pataky looked a little sad last week. This isn’t news, and it doesn’t need to be reported on. Pataky never expressly said that she was even sad, so we don’t know if she was bummed about Hemsworth’s location. Judging by Pataky’s Instagram, the trip to Spain hasn’t been close to doom and gloom.

Even if this story is correct and Pataky is sad about Hemsworth’s job, this still wouldn’t constitute news. Hemsworth is a highly successful actor so they have to work around his shooting schedule. Should Pataky make a return to the theater? Fast & Furiousfranchise, then they would have to build around hers. This is the life of an actor.

Hemsworth says Pataky made sacrifices for their family. Hemsworth is not usually away on a movie set. They seem to have lots of fun when they are together.

It’s totally normal for a couple to lament distance, but that doesn’t mean they’re living separate lives. This is just a tabloid trying make drama out of a regular event. They’re doing just fine, so you should disregard this story.

Everyone is Separate

Woman’s DayHemsworth and Pataky are in hot water. In February, it claimed that they were under extra pressure due to Hemsworth’s friendship with Pom Klimentieff. Both men and women can have fun and not ruin their marriages. Before that, it reported that they were “hanging by a thread.” It’s been nearly a year since that story, and they’re doing just fine.

Although the outlet has been spreading divorce rumors since 2018, Hemsworth, Pataky and others are still strong. Distance comes with the profession, so there’s nothing noteworthy about this story.

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