Chris Hemsworth, Daughter Have ‘Superhero’ Moment on ‘Thor’ Set

A family of Gods Chris HemsworthI am sharing behind-the scenes footage from the set Thor: Love and Thunder — including some of daughter India Rose Hemsworth. 

Following the superhero flick’s debut at the box office on Friday, July 8, the Australia native, 38, took to Instagram to post a few never before seen photos from the franchise.

“Here’s two pics of me and my daughter,” he captioned the carousel of images on Sunday, July 10. “She’s my favorite superhero.”

Hemsworth is seen wearing his shirt in the first picture, which was taken nearly a decade ago. ThorCostume, towering above his little girl who looks up at him fondly. The second picture is from the set Love and ThunderFeatured FeaturesExtractingThe star holds the now 10-year old India in his arms, while a film clapper is held up in front. 

Chris Hemsworth/Instagram

Hemsworth also shares 8 years old twin boys Sasha, and Tristan with his wife Elsa Pataky. After less than one year of dating, the pair tied their knot in September 2010.  

The Aussie actor’s family are more than just his fans — they’re now his castmates, with his daughter portraying the character of Love in the latest Thor installment. Gorr, the God (1998) is her only hope.Christian Bale) ultimately brings her back to life by the film’s end. 

In the final scene, Love is shown being raised by “Uncle Thor.” The two share a lighthearted spat before exchanging “I love you’s” and heading out to battle together. “It was just like when I’m at home, trying to tell her to do anything, she’s like, ‘Pfft, no, I’ll do it my way.’ And power to her, good on her, because she did an incredible job,” the Star Trek star told in an interview published Saturday, July 9. 

India may have been cast opposite her real-life dad — who is also an executive producer on the film — but she still had to audition for the role like anyone else. Pataky (45) helped the budding actress record an audition tape at her home and then sent it to director. Taika Waititi. 

“I love the ownership the kids have in moments like that,” Hemsworth explained on Saturday. “It’s a good reminder, all of it, for all of us just to stay true to who you are and not get caught up in the self-importance of it all. [Kids] really bring you back to Earth and ground the whole experience.” 

After impressing Waititi, 46, India’s involvement eventually led to the Marvel movie becoming an entire family affair. Pataky is a wolf-woman that Thor kisses during a flashback sequence. Tristan and Sasha also appear in cameos.

While Love and Thunder leaves room for future screen time from the Hemsworth brood, the Ghostbusters actor explained that it was all a “one-off” experience. 

“I don’t want them to now go and be child stars and actors,” he told Good Day DC prior to the film’s premiere. “It was just a special experience we all had and they loved it. They had a great time.”

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