People Outraged Over Chip Gaines' Newest Photo About Crew, Pointing Out One Glaring Mistake

August 14, 2018Aug 14, 2018

Ever since baby Crew Gaines made his appearance in the world, fans have been obsessed! People around the country were already in love with the Gaines family, and the newest addition completed the adorable family!   

Now, people can't get enough of the photos that Chip and Joanna have been posting. They have given fans an inside look into what it's like to be baby Crew at this stage in life with their picture-perfect moments of the newborn lounging in the hammock or by the pool.

Now, fans are going wild over Chip's newest photo. Rather than showing a "picture-perfect" moment, the father of five got real about what it's really like to have a newborn. 

He posted a photo of baby Crew's car seat on top of a stove in their kitchen!

He wrote, "If you've read my book #CapitalGaines you know I'm NO child safety specialist, but even I know this can't be a good place for a car seat..."

People immediately began reacting on Twitter to the hilarious post. However, most people didn't focus on the giant car seat in the photo. Rather, people were freaking out over another part of the photo: the way the cake (or, as some suspect, cornbread) was cut! Some people were legitimately outraged over the "blasphemy" of the way the cake was cut, and over the fact it had no frosting! 

Below are some of the reactions:

Many others, who thought it was cornbread, called Chip out for cooking the cornbread the "improper" way. 

What do you think about this photo? Did you notice the cake was cut in the "wrong" way right away?! Let us know! In other recent news, a health update was just given on Aretha Franklin. Please keep praying for her!

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