Chip Announces Exciting Contest for 'Fixer Upper' Fans, People Are Overjoyed

August 29, 2018Aug 29, 2018

According to PEOPLE, Chip Gaines has some exciting plans for fans of "Fixer Upper." Just like he and Joanna have made their dreams come true, he wants to help YOU make your dreams come true.

He's calling Chipstarter as a play on the popular fundraising website Kickstarter. He first did the contest, which calls for submissions from anyone with a big goal they wanted to accomplish, in 2017. He's looking from everything from a business idea to a personal goal—it could even be learning a new skill or climbing a mountain.

“Basically, I wanted to be a launching pad for people’s dreams, their desires, their passions, maybe their careers,” he says in a video about the initiative.

The contractor and father of five got the idea while writing his book "Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff." The book is a mix of a memoir and a book of business advice.

While writing the book, Chip started to think about the people who gave him a leg up in his life. He called these people “runways," and he realized that he wanted to be a runway for others.

Last year, there were six winners out of more than 2,700 submissions. Out of that, he's sent a "military veteran to photography school, got a small baseball bat company certified with the MLB, and helped purchase a home that will become a safe hangout for boys in a high-poverty area," says PEOPLE.

Chip is putting out. Call for round two of the contest. People are asked to send in two-minute videos that “captivate my attention. Reach through the screen and grab my attention. I want you to surprise me. Have a little fun.”

Chill will pick finalists to be flown to Waco, Texas, for this year's "Silobration." That's the annual fall festival hosted by Chip and wife Joanna, which is on October 19-20.

People on Twitter are overjoyed about the opportunity. Some are even calling it an answer to prayers. 

Submissions open to anyone thirteen years or older at midnight C.T. on September 4. Submissions close on September 10.

In other news, the FDA found that a common heart medication can cause cancer. Please pray for anyone who may have been taking this common drug for YEARS.