Chip and Joanna Reveal Possibility That Would Completely Change The Entire Show!

February 22, 2017Feb 22, 2017

Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of the hit HGTV show ‘Fixer Upper’, have happily resided in Waco, Texas with their family since before the show began in 2013.

During an interview on Tuesday February 21st, the adored couple revealed that changing locations could be a possibility in the future. 

“Waco is our meet in the middle spot: half big city, half tropical —maybe not. We talk about it. We’ve been to Kansas City a lot recently and have just fallen in love with that community,” Chip mentioned. “Salt Lake, every time we go there it just kind of really inspires us, obviously New York City for Jo. There are a few cities across the country that we would possibly consider if Waco did not work out.”

Chip and Jo have four beautiful children, so they are definitely putting family first when considering this big change.


“Although, you know, it’s so funny because anytime we go to the Big City — any big city really, but New York specifically — and you see these beautiful little families and they are walking their one little baby, two max, and I’m like, What would we do with four kids? You know, you would lose at least one of those kids every time you walked down to the store and back,” Chip stated.

“Mine would be Las Vegas,” Chip joked. “I think the kids would really appreciate it.”

If the family were to move to a different city in upcoming years, it would have a drastic effect on the show and surrounding communities.

It sure would be fun to see Chip and Jo renovating different types of homes in a new location!

What do you think about this possibility? Would it be a good move?

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