Chinese Vlogger Accidentally Poisons Herself While Biting Into this Plant on Live Camera

July 09, 2017Jul 09, 2017

One 26-year-old Chinese vlogger — known as Ms. Zhang, according to Delish — accidentally poisoned herself while eating what she thought was Aloe Vera on live stream.

Ms. Zhang was videoing herself to demonstrate the health benefits of the plant that she thought was an Aloe Plant.

At first, Zhang deems it "not bad," but then she adds, "Wow, very bitter. So bitter."
The plant she ate may have actually been the poisonous Agave americana plant, according to Vice.

Zhang said later that her mouth was "numb" and her throat was "on fire".

She reportedly ended up hospitalized with mouth and throat burns and sores. The agave can also damage your livers and kidneys, according to SF Gate.

According to reports by Delish, Ms. Zhang's stomach was pumped. According to local reports, the hospital told her she had in fact consumed the dangerous plant.

The Shanghaiist reported that doctors found the vlogger had broken out in rashes and blisters and were forced to pump her stomach.

She is reportedly now in a stable condition.

This video has now gone viral.