Chinese Authorities Ban Children From Attending Church

September 14, 2017Sep 14, 2017

Things aren't looking good for Christians in China.

The communist authorities of China are continuing to tighten their grip on the practice of Christianity in their country. At least four regional governments throughout China have recently issued notices that restrict children from openly joining Christian groups and attending religious services. 

The new ban, therefore, prevents churches from letting children come with their parents to any service or Mass. Not only that, but the plan includes a promise that officials will launch investigations into the government approved churches that operate outside of official Catholic and Protestant denominations, the ones which are tightly controlled by the government. 

UCA News reports that the latest move comes as part of a major crackdown on Christianity that began several years prior. The government desires to bring more citizens under the wing of the Communist Party and views Christianity as a clear threat to their ruling power.

Apparently, parents received a notice requesting that they do not take their children to any Protestant or Catholic service. On August 12, the street committee office also sent officials to local churches to persuade parents not to send their children to church.

However, according to one Catholic mother, there are many children still participating in the services, especially solemn feasts and solemnities, such as the procession of the feast of the Assumption of Mary, one of the four most important feasts for China. It took place on August 15. 

UCA News also reports that the government is taking extra precaution to ensure that religion does not infiltrate the education system. As part of this effort, Liang Guochao, currently head of the Education Bureau, referenced a "decisive effort to prevent religions infiltrating into schools and to guide students to consciously resist religious cults so as to make the campus a piece of pure land."

The government is also continuing its decades-old policy of preventing any religion from running Sunday schools, summer camps for minors, or any other activity that directly educates children about Christianity. As a consequence, many such activities, including the Catholic church camp run by the Wuhai, Bameng Diocese, for instance, was shut down by the government.

The policy is not strictly enforced throughout China, which is evident by the fact that some locations have had church summers camps without being shut down by the government. But it is clear, nevertheless, that the situation for Christians in China does not look good.  

Please pray for Christians in China, as well as our brothers and sisters suffering from persecution throughout the world. In breaking news, President Trump just said it again; prepare for the liberal outrage!

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