Chilling Video Shows Little Girl in Danger, Neighbor Risks His Life to Save Her

July 17, 2017Jul 17, 2017

A little girl was in danger as she dangled from her 40-foot balcony outside the back of her home. She was reportedly only four years old.

In a chilling video, viewers can see how terrifying that must have been for the child. Thankfully, a neighbor noticed her and risked his life without a doubt in his mind to try and save her.

The video shows the girl’s head stuck between the railing, which actually was a blessing in disguise as it kept her from falling until the neighbor arrived. After the neighbor noticed the little girl, he climbs across the outside of the building until he reaches her. Then, he pushes her back up through the railing.

USA Today mentions that the girl’s grandmother left her home alone to go shopping. The video does not show how she ended up stuck in the railing, but she was clearly unsupervised.

Watch the video shared by USA TODAY below for more information.

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