Children Taught “There Is No God But Allah” In Public School; Parents Outraged

September 12, 2015Sep 12, 2015

According to a recent Columbia Daily Herald article, 7th grade students in Maury County, Tennessee are being taught about Islam.


The school district says that they are only teaching the history and geography of Islam.  However, parents have discovered that the children are being taught the 5 pillars of Islam and are also being made to write out that “There is no God but Allah, Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

Naturally this has caused a growing outrage.  Joy Ellis, a mother of a 7th grader said, “To me, a Christian child should not be made to write that.  I honestly don’t want my child learning about Islam at all, but if they’ve got to learn about it, I would like for them to learn about the historical aspects of it and definitely nothing about the religion.  I don’t want her writing ‘Allah is the only god.’”  Ellis does not believe that religion should be taught in school at all.

Dr. Jan Hanvey, Maury County Public Schools middle school supervisor, explained the County’s reasoning for teaching Islam.  “It’s part of history.  If you don’t talk about it, then you are leaving out the ‘why’.  Children need to know the ‘why’, and they need to be able to learn and know where to find the facts, instead of going by what they hear or what they see on the internet.”

While that doesn’t explain why they are making the school children write out that “Allah is the only God”, Dr. Hanvey said, “It’s hard to separate history from religion.  It’s teaching about religion.  We are not trying to convert.”

Maury County officials say that they do also teach about Christianity, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

It is no secret that Christianity is being ripped from schools, public monuments, and the institution of marriage.  Christianity is being openly ridiculed in both the mainstream media and social media.  One can simply read the daily news to find an example of a Christian being targeted or persecuted.

While it might be a noble idea to teach children about all religions that way they have a better understanding of the world they live in and the world they will grow up to influence, this school agenda reeks of hypocrisy.

If you had read the news recently, the only people punished for observing religion in or around schools have been Christians.  For instance, the football coach in Georgia who was baptized on the football field before practice.  The hate from atheist groups towards him led to the school launching an investigation.

When it comes to other religions being taught or observed in schools, the atheists and attackers of Christianity fall silent.   If school children were being made to write the Lord’s prayer or being taught about the Christian faith, the liberal outrage would be deafening.  Where are they now?

What do you think?  Should religion be taught in schools?