Chick-fil-A Welcomes Displaced Christian Congregation

September 11, 2017Sep 11, 2017

To the praise of some and complaints of others, Chick-fil-A is a publicly Christian friendly business. Controversy erupted in June of 2012 after the chief operating office Dan T. Cathy came out in opposition to gay marriage. This followed reports that the company had donated to WinShape Foundation, a charitable company that defends traditional marriage. 

As a result of the company's affiliations with the Christian faith, activists began to boycott and business partners broke ties with the chain. National political figures, both for and against the actions of the company, also spoke out. 

Recently, a Chick-fil-A restaurant has announced that it will be opening its doors to a displaced Christian congregation in Virginia. In particular, the company will be permitting White Oak Community Church to host some of its meetings in one of its locations on Sundays, at least until the church is able to find a more permanent location. According to Fox News, the location where the church usually gathers to worship informed them that they will not be able to continue hosting them due to "building issues." 

Pastor Dave Wilde has shared his appreciation for Chick-fil-A's decision and its manager, sending them a thank you for their generosity: "thank you to Greg Williams and Chick-fil-A for graciously agreeing to host us next Sunday.”

“Know that this is only a minor setback,” church leaders said WTVR. “Often God sandblasted us out of places in order for us to see the next great thing that he has for His church. A little frustrated this morning, but excited for what God has for our future!”

According to the company website, Chick-fil-A restaurants are closed on Sundays for employees to “rest and worship if they choose." 

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