Customer at Chick-fil-A Forgets His Change, What the Employee Does Next Blows Everyone Away

March 19, 2018Mar 19, 2018

The popular fast food restaurant Chick-fil-A is known for their warm and friendly customer service. Customers have come to expect a positive employee interaction along with their dining experience.

One customer in Texas is sharing his experience after a Chick-fil-A employee went above and beyond the traditional customer service. The employee's act of kindness took place over the span of a month.

When customer Danny Cadra went through the drive-thru at the restaurant, he left behind his $3 in change. Cashier Marcus Henderson was working the window at that time and when he realized Cadra left the money behind, he set the money aside in an envelope rather than putting it back in the register or pocketing it for himself.

“I’m supposed to keep this and give it back to him. I knew he was a regular, I was going to see him again eventually,” Henderson said to KLBK.

Henderson then brought the envelope of money with him every day he worked in the following weeks. He shared that it just became routine for him.

“It was basically a part of my uniform. It was my name tag, my hat, my apron and I just put it in my back pocket, just in case today might be the day where I see him,” Henderson said.

When Cadra eventually returned to Chick-fil-A, he was caught off guard when Henderson gave him his change back. It wasn't so much the money in the envelope but the thoughtfulness that went into it. “It was like $3 and some change, and I would never have missed it,” Cadra said. He went on to say his kindness was "a breath of fresh air" and meant so much to him. The pair now even have plans to meet up outside of a Chick-fil-A sometime soon. 

Henderson takes his job and his morals seriously and serves as an example to all. “I’m called to serve these people well, not only because of my job but who I am. This has pushed me to act in ways where I wouldn’t naturally,” Henderson said of his actions.

What do you think about his kind gesture? Let us know! In other recent news, country music superstar Trace Adkins gets Biblical as he shares his powerful message for Christians. 

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