Chicago’s Northwest Side Worried By Toxic-Smelling Fumes

November 14, 2017Nov 14, 2017

It has been reported by CBS Chicago that a smelly odor is making its way throughout Chicago's northwest side. The strange odor has been making its way through many homes, according to reports. 

Sara Suh and her husband, as well as their five-year-old-daughter, claim that the odor has been a nightmare. Since they began to smell it last Monday, they have kept the windows open, despite the chilly temperature. They have kept the fan running in order to keep the air circulating. 

Along with many others, Sara and her husband fear that the odor may be toxic. The strong scent smells like turpentine and is coming from the basement sump pump. 

Even more worrisome is the fact that it's not just coming from Sarah's house. Rather, the odor can be smelled throughout the community. Neighbors in the Avondale community, including local Yuri Zilbert, have the odor in their homes as well. Many in the community say that they feel as though they are going to lose their mind since the smell is so strong and so bad.

CBS Chicago reports that many locals have been making phone calls to state and city departments in hopes that somebody will be able to do something to bring back fresh air. Many citizens have called plumbers, hoping that somebody can explain to them what is causing such a smelly odor to fill their homes. 

But nobody can explain it and the smell remains.

“I hope it’s going to be fixed. It’s not in my plan to live like this very long,” said a local. 

Local authorities have tested the air and have found no signs of natural gas or carbon monoxide. 

You can watch a video about this "smelly mystery" in the video below. 

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