Chicago ATF Agent Shot in Face in Mission to Investigate Illegal Guns

May 04, 2018May 04, 2018

According to reports, an undercover ATF agent was expected to survive after being shot in the face on Friday. The shooting occurred in Chicago during a joint operation with the city's police force, according to Fox News.

Reports claim that the shooting occurred on Friday morning before sunrise, probably around 3:15 am local time. The agent was quickly rushed to the hospital and placed in critical condition after shots could be heard throughout the neighborhood. The injuries that he suffered to the face were, surprisingly, not life-threatening, according to reports. 

But this doesn't mean that they weren't serious. Immediately after the shooting occurred, an officer could be heard saying into his scanner traffic, "Officer hit! We need an escort to the hospital now!" 

He continued, "We need an ambulance as soon as possible. Find someone to meet us. He may be hit in the head." 

Officials claim that the agent — who at this time has remained unnamed to the public — is part of a joint ask for with the ATF and was tasked with investigating the flow of illegal firearms into the city. 

The details surrounding the mission are unclear, although nobody has yet been taken into custody. Exacts details on the agent's health also are not yet clear, although we know that the injuries are not life-threatening. 

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