Chicago Fire’s Monica Raymund Return Would Throw ‘Wrench’ in Show

Casey and Brett portray Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer, while Monica Raymund and Dawson are inseparated.
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Dim the Dawsey music. Casey and Brett’s relationship might be at a crossroads, but there are no plans for Dawson to intervene — for now.

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“She’s not coming back anytime soon,” co-creator Derek Haas exclusively told Us WeeklyBe ahead of the Chicago FireSeason 10 finale. “It felt like they had a really good, you know, they left in a good place when she left the last time. And then Casey’s been a one-woman man since then. So we’re not throwing that wrench.”

Co-showrunner Andrea Newman chimed in: “We’re throwing plenty of them, but not that one!”

Will Monica Raymunds Dawson Return Chicago Fire

Monica Raymund plays Dawson

Monica RaymundAfter six seasons on NBC, Dawson left the drama. He made brief appearances in seasons 7 & 8. After Dawson’s split from Casey (Jesse Spencer), the Chicago 51 captain moved on with her best friend Sylvie Brett, played by Kara Killmer.

“It was a couple years of really seeing them as friends, seeing her have to acknowledge that that’s all she could be to him when Dawson was there, but we could feel her falling in love at the same time she was there before he was. It was really fun to watch that, watch her have to take that backseat for a while,” Newman told Use. “And then even once Dawson was gone, she was still her good friend. That was still a problem. Slowly, but surely, trust and depth in their relationship increased and they reached a point where they could be together. And that was just a beautiful thing to have them finally be able to really come together.”

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Casey and Brett, like any One Chicago couple have encountered a few obstacles since their union. In the 200th episode, Casey moved to Portland (coinciding with Spencer’s official exit from the series after 10 seasons) and Brett took some time off of work to visit him amid their long-distance relationship. They danced at Severide in the season finale.Taylor Kinney) and Stella Kidd’s (Miranda Rae Mayo) wedding, but audiences didn’t technically get a happily ever after.

Will Monica Raymunds Dawson Return Chicago Fire

Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett. Jesse Spencer plays Matthew Casey.
Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBC

“I wish you could have stayed forever,” Casey told Brett of their time together in Portland. She replied: “You made a beautiful life for yourself in Oregon, Matt. But it’s your life, not mine. My 51 family members are here. My work and my life are here. How much longer can we keep this up with so much time apart?”

“I don’t know,” he said, “but we’re together tonight.”

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Their future may not be known, but Haas has enjoyed watching their journey unfold. “There’s a lot of people across the television landscape who hate their jobs and are miserable people. Because it’s conflict and those kinds of things are good for writing episodes. But with these two, they’ve just been goodhearted people, hearts in the right spot, selfless. [They] care more about others than they do about themselves, and other feelings and that selflessness drew them together,” he explained to Use. “It was beautiful in the short time that we’ve been able to do it.”

Chicago FireSeason 11 will be broadcast on NBC in the fall 2022.

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