Cheney Says What Obama Is Doing Is "Madness"

September 10, 2015Sep 10, 2015

Former Vice President Dick Cheney thinks President Barack Obama's Iran nuclear deal is just plain nuts. 


According to CNN, Cheney denounced the controversial deal in a speech at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C. by saying "Arming and funding Iran while simultaneously providing them a pathway to a nuclear arsenal is not an act of peace.  It's not, as President Obama claims, the only alternative to war. It is madness.”

The Iran nuke deal seeks to lift the western world's sanctions on Iran if they promise to not use their nuclear program to build nuclear weapons.  Cheney thinks that sort of assurance from Iran is baloney.

"This agreement will give Iran the means to launch a nuclear attack on the U.S. homeland.  I know of no nation in history that has agreed to guarantee that the means of its own destruction will be in the hands of another nation, particularly one that is hostile," he said during the speech.

What do you think of the former VP's words?