Chelsea Handler Faces Backlash After Wearing This T-Shirt

August 12, 2017Aug 12, 2017

Chelsea Handler, comedian and television host, has been well-known for consistently criticizing President Trump since he announced his election run. While liberals support her, she constantly faces backlash from conservatives.

Recently, she shared a picture of her travel shirt on social media. The shirt says, “Sorry about our president,” in over a dozen different languages.

In response to her post, many conservatives commented that she should actually be apologizing for herself. Although she doesn’t agree with Trump’s politics, her strategies for “resisting” are ironic, since she promotes and stirs more hatred on a regular basis.

This post comes shortly after the rising tension between Trump and North Korea. Handler is one of the first celebrities to respond following the situation with the communist country. In earlier posts, she even compared our president to Kim-Jong-Un.

Handler also recently faced backlash from conservatives after she proposed an idea for a law. The ironic part— if this law was enacted, she could actually get jailed herself.