Famous Celebrity Attacked for Her Offensive Remark Against Melania

September 30, 2017Sep 30, 2017

Hollywood celebrities have attacked President Donald Trump and his family members since he announced he was running for President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election. After he was elected, First Lady Melania Trump has especially faced many verbal attacks for simply just being married to him.

Chelsea Handler, famous comedian and talk show host, is well-known for her continuous personal attacks against the First Family. On Friday, September 29th, Handler fired at Melania again.

On Twitter, she stated, “[The First Lady] says unless you have to have sex with Donald Trump, you have no excuse to be on drugs,” referencing to Melania’s first roundtable discussion on the opioid crisis.


According to CNN, Melania’s focus on this policy issue emphasized the devastating effects the opioid crisis has on families and children. Given that this is such a serious issue, other Twitter users on Handler’s page came to Melania’s defense, claiming that this is no joking matter.




Her offensive comment comes shortly after the comedian was under major heat for saying she would rather have North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un as our president. She told her social media followers that he seemed more “sane” and suggested a “trade” with North Korea.

Fox News mentioned that Handler also previously faced backlash for responding to Lara and Eric Trump’s baby announcement—expressing her frustration of another Trump family member entering the world and additionally, for making racist jokes in the past.

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