Chelsea Clinton to Melania Trump: 'Thank You FLOTUS'

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

The Hill reports that Chelsea Clinton just thanked First Lady Melania Trump for helping to preserve a historic tree located in front of the White House. This historic tree was one of three on the west side of the White House and is currently the oldest on the White House grounds. It extends from the ground floor, upward past the front of the windows of the State Dining Room on the first floor. 

After learning that Melania Trump prevented the tree from being totally destroyed, Chelsea Clinton went to Twitter. She thanked Melania for helping to preserve a tree that herself and so many others have long treasured. Although there was no way to prevent the tree from being cut down, Melania Trump decided that she would save some of the tree to be preserved. That way, another tree, born from the original, can be planted in its place.

“Thank you @FLOTUS for preserving part of a tree I & so many have treasured,” she tweeted, after thanking everyone involved who takes care of the White House lawn.

According to The Hill, the historic Jackson Magnolia has been by the south portico of the White House since the 1800s. However, specialists have claimed that the tree is too old and damaged and then recommended that it be removed. The tree was considered unsafe and could not survive without artificial support. 

It was originally Melania Trump who ordered the tree be removed, but she only made this order after being informed by specialists that the tree could not safely stand on its own. According to Fox News, this resulted in several negative stories being written about the first lady, who believed that she was removing the tree without good reason. 

Social media went crazy after learning that the tree might be taken down. Many began calling on Melania Trump to preserve the tree. And then, on Wednesday, the Washington Post reported that the first lady had requested that some of the wood from the tree be preserved for replanting in the same area.

The media admits that despite being disappointing, the demise of the tree was inevitable. CNN claims that it is simply the "circle of life." Luckily, there are currently plans for another Jackson Magnolia, born directly from the original, to be planted in its place, in order for history to move onward.

The tree was first planted by Andrew Jackson, who wanted to plant a tree in honor of his wife, who died shortly after he was elected to the presidency. It is scheduled to be removed later this week. 

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