Chelsea Clinton Compares Historic Monuments to Satanic Shrines

August 18, 2017Aug 18, 2017

This month it made headlines that Hillary Clinton wants to be a preacher. More information was given in an email, which her pastor sent after she lost the election, which can be read in full here. Recently, however, Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea Clinton, has made headlines with her own unusual comment in which she compared historic confederate monuments to satanic shrines. 

Chelsea Clinton made headlines when she went to twitter to compare Biblical and Confederate themes, remarking that "The story of Lucifer-who rebelled against God-is part of many Christians' traditions. I've never been in a church with a Lucifer statue."

"Whether or not you consider statues to Confederate generals an act of evil, Chelsea's point fell short just by dint of historical fact," remarked writer Warner Todd Huston. "The truth is, Luther has appeared in art, paintings, and sculptures – many of them appearing in churches and religious texts – since Christianity began."

This comment comes in the aftermath of recent Charlottesville violence and subsequent controversy over confederate statues. After the planned removal of a General Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville, a crowd of protesters and counter-protesters emerged. Tensions between the two crowds rose, culminating in a white nationalist violently running his car into the crowd of counter-protesters. One women died and many were injured.

A group of protesters in another city then toppled another historic statue, leading to one woman’s arrest. In other states and towns, too, it doesn't look as if many of the prominent confederate statues will long remain. Another came down just last night. As the culture war rises to levels of tensions not seen since the 1960s and 1970s, these confederate statues have become symbolic to many Americans of racism and bigotry. 

In breaking news, Arnold Schwarzenegger just sent a scathing message to Nazis and Donald Trump.  

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