NFL Cheerleader Kneels During National Anthem Before 49ers Game

November 02, 2018Nov 02, 2018

Colin Kaepernick was already a star in the NFL when he decided to use his platform to send a political message. Kaepernick, who is currently not even playing in the NFL, is credited with starting the anthem kneeling protests that have swept the country.

Now, an NFL cheerleader has decided that kneeling during the anthem is worth risking her job. A cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers, Kaepernick's old team, was recently photographed taking a knee as the national anthem played during Thursday night's game.

"The cheerleader, who has not been identified, is at least the third member of the squad to protest during the anthem over the past two seasons, according to the San Jose Mercury News. Two 49ers cheerleaders took a knee last Christmas Eve before a game against the Jaguars, according to the paper. USA TODAY reached out to the 49ers for comment but received no immediate response," according to USA Today.

A fan in the audience was quick to spot the kneeling cheerleader. After taking a picture of the woman, the fan posted it online. Social media was quickly sent into a firestorm by the image.

Some fans argue that America is the land of the free and her decision to kneel during the anthem should be celebrated. Others feel it is disrespectful to our country, and our veterans, and she should be fired from her position.

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