Chattanooga Marine Veteran Has These Strong Words For Obama

August 02, 2015Aug 02, 2015

Following the terrorist attack at the military recruitment center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a US Marine veteran wrote a letter to Obama, but as he declared in his video, “Given the Obama administration’s track record with emails, I decided to make a video to make sure it gets viewed”.

Following the attacks that killed five of the Marine’s military brethren, he took his American flag down from outside his house, dressed in his formal military uniform, and drove the flag to the scene of the attack.

In the grief that encompassed the nation following the despicable attack, this veteran made some strong and bold statements to Obama.  He questions why Obama was so quick to stand for other tragedies but took so long to react to what was clearly a terrorist attack.

After discussing and honoring the lives of the fallen troops, he continues to talk about everything he feels is wrong with the current administration.

What do you think about his strong statements?