Most Famous Game Show Contestant of All Time Dies, Fans Remembering the Great Scandal

April 10, 2019Apr 10, 2019

The news was just reported that one of the most famous TV game show contestants of all time has passed away. Charles Van Doren, the subject of an Oscar-nominated film, died at the age of 93. 

In late 1956 and early 1957, a new charming contestant made his way onto the popular game show "Twenty-One." According to AP News, Charles Van Doren beat out 13 competitors and won a record of $129,000.

Following the huge win, the contestant was featured on the cover of Time magazine. They noted the "fascinating, suspense-taut spectacle of his highly trained mind at work."

In a surprising turn of events, a huge scandal began to unravel. Van Doren had initially denied that he had been given answers in advance but later admitted to the truth.

Later, the contestant pleaded guilty to perjury for lying to a grand jury that had investigated him. Charles, along with 9 other winners from 3 NBC shows, pleaded guilty. However, they all escaped jail time as the judge reportedly said that "the nation's scorns was punishment enough."

In 1994, Robert Redford directed a movie about the infamous incident. "Quiz Show" was nominated for four different Oscars and 4 Golden Globes.

Following the scandal, Charles spent the majority of his life outside of the public eye. In his later years, he admitted that he did, in fact, watch "Quiz Show."

Charles Van Doren passed away on Tuesday at a care center for the elderly. According to reports, the funeral services will be private. 

Do you remember this scandal or did you see the movie? Let us know! Please be praying for Van Doren's family during this time.

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