Charges Filed Against U.S. Presidential Candidate

September 07, 2016Sep 07, 2016

Charges were just filed against a U.S. presidential candidate, but oddly enough, it wasn't Hillary Clinton, and the crime seems to pale in comparison to Hillary's mishandling of classified information.

According to the Bismarck Tribune, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and her running mate Ajamu Baraka are being accused of a little ecoterrorism after they spray-painted a bulldozer that wasn't theirs in protest of an oil pipeline in North Dakota.

Stein and Baraka are being blamed for spray-painting the words "I approve this message" and "decolonization." They're both being charged with misdemeanors.

Stein and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson round out the top four presidential candidates. A Fox News poll has Johnson at 9% and Stein at 4%.

Meanwhile, Hillary continues to avoid prosecution for quite possibly leaking classified intel to foreign hackers, among other legal missteps.