Celine Dion’s Friends Allegedly Scared Singer ‘Looks Like She’s Wasting Away’ Amid Health Problem Rumors

Has Celine Dion‘s health taken a “dangerous turn”? One tabloid claims the Canadian singer’s loved ones are fearing the worst after she canceled her upcoming tour. Here’s what we know about Dion’s health battle.

Celine Dion ‘Hanging By A Thread’ After Canceling Tour?

The latest edition National Enquirer reports Celine Dion is in even worse shape than she’s letting on. After suffering severe muscle spasms, the singer announced that she would cancel the North American leg of her already delayed tour. But according to the tabloid, the announcement raised “all kinds of red flags” for those close to her.

“She’s been medicated for agonizing pain and she looks like she’s wasting away. It’s an all-out crisis!” one tipster spills. But a physician who hasn’t treated Dion explains that her pain and weight loss are likely linked. “She looks emaciated,” the doctor observed. “When you’re in terrible pain you don’t usually have much of an appetite and since she isn’t able to exercise, that causes even more health issues!”

Whatever the cause, her ongoing grief at losing her husband in 2016 only made matters worse. “It all overwhelmed her — and her health!” the tipster reveals. “The demands of her career have taken a deep toll both physically and emotionally. Her friends encourage her to take a year of leave, eat better and let go all the stress. If she doesn’t, they’re afraid it will kill her!”

Celine Dion Urged To ‘Take A Year Off’?

While stress isn’t good for anyone — especially for someone with ongoing health issues — we doubt Celine Dion is refusing to take care of herself. She took the responsible decision not to push herself to perform on her tour and cancelled it. And in her statement, she mentioned following her doctor’s orders. We’re sure she’s in responsible hands and doing everything she can to recover.

Besides, it’s hard to trust the word of “pals” who aren’t even able to deduce what it is that’s ailing Dion. It’s painfully obvious from the tabloid’s tendency to wildly speculate without any kind of concrete evidence that it has no real insights into Dion’s personal life. It would be safe to put your trust in Dion and only Dion for matters relating to Dion’s health in the future.

The Tabloid On Celine dion

But this isn’t the first time the National Enquirer It has become a bit excessive to speculate about Celine dion. In 2018, the outlet claimed that Dion had undergone a terrible cosmetic procedure. Then, the publication alleged Dion was desperately trying to “fatten up” to a healthy weight. The magazine also reported that Dion was planning her funeral after her recent health crisis. The magazine reported that Dion was planning her own funeral after her most recent health crisis. Enquire isn’t the end-all-be-all when it comes to Dion.

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