Celine Dion Reportedly Urged To Go To Rehab Over ‘Emaciated’ Appearance Amid Health Rumors, Anonymous Insider Claims

It is Celine DionAre you going to rehab? One bombshell story says she’s down to 100 pounds and canceled her tour because of her worrying health problem. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘What’s Really Wrong’ With Celine Dion

According to the GlobeDion is now down to 100 pounds. Due to health reasons, she was forced to cancel her Las Vegas residency. As she works with doctors, a source says the “big elephant in the room is Celine’s weight and how emaciated she’s been for years.”

She apparently hardly eats and shuns a balanced diet, a source says, and she badly needs to go to rehab: “The collective view is that she needs to pack herself off to a wellness center where she can rest, get the counseling she so obviously needs, and be healed.”

Dion’s friends are urging her to seek treatment for her problems. Sadly, the “My Heart Will Go On” singer is not heeding anyone’s advice, an insider concludes. “Despite all the well wishes, she insists on doing it all herself and convalescing by her own rules.”

There’s One Problem With That

This story is adorned with carefully chosen before and after photos meant to prove how thin Dion is, with the “Now” photo coming from the 2019 Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture fashion showParis The GlobeIt is misleading its readers by claiming that a photo taken three years ago is current. Here is a May 2021 photo of Dion and her family.

Dion helps to post old photos and videos all the time. A 1991 music video shows that Dion has a slim figure. This doesn’t mean she’s unhealthy or is struggling with addiction: It’s banally just how her body looks.

Real Dion friends would never expose her tabloids, as this story promises. Details of Dion’s injury open the door for trashy stories like this. We know that she’s heartbroken over the cancellations and is working hard to get healthy and get back on the road.

Other Ridiculous Stories

This tabloid claimed that Celine Dion would soon become a truck driver in 2020. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. It also attacks her body, telling her stories about starvation or poor diets. It’s called her dangerously skinny and constantly bashes her body. It’s called her dangerously thin and constantly bashes it. GlobeThis is how he makes his money. If you want to hear the truth about Dion, then look elsewhere.

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