Celebrity Trashes Airline, Shares Horror Story, But There’s One Problem

August 04, 2017Aug 04, 2017

In an era of airline horror stories, actress and activist Lena Dunham — who became a liberal celebrity by breaking many of the rules of decency and common sense — recently had a tale of her own to tell. The actress from “Girls” let her Twitter followers know early Thursday morning that she had overheard two American Airlines flight attendants having a very offensive conversation.

According to Dunham, as she was walking past an American Airlines gate on her way to a flight with another airline, she happened to hear two female employees saying something to each other about how parents who are claiming their kids are transgender are simply following a trend. She added that they also said they’d never accept a transgender child and think their “transness” is gross. She messaged the airline to let them know.


American Airlines quickly responded to inform her that her report was concerning and that they’d review the matter. Later, they came back with an answer. According to Fox News, they were “unable to substantiate” that the conversation she had heard at that specific gate had actually happened.

Even before American Airline’s reply, Dunham was facing ridicule on social media by those who doubted her account and pointed out that she’s lied to the public before in order to gain attention. According to the Washington Examiner, Fox News host Greg Gutfield asked the same question many others were asking.


The Stasi were the secret police of East Germany who spied on civilians behind the Iron Curtain. Other commenters wondered why they should take Dunham’s word on it. And another one questioned whether private conversations should be subject to punishment.


What do you think of this? In other air travel news, an airline got in trouble after an employee was caught on camera punching a passenger who was holding a baby.

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