Celebrity Organizer Goes Public, Claims Marie Kondo 'Stole Her Baby'

June 17, 2019Jun 17, 2019

Marie Kondo has taken the world by storm. The decluttering expert from Japan has become aha overnight sensation thanks to her cleaning show that is now on Netflix.

Kondo's show depicts regular people learning how to tidy up their own home and achieve harmony. She provides them with expert tips and tricks that have worked well in her own life.

However, one celebrity organizer has just broken her silence on Kondo and her methods. Linda Koopersmith says Kondo stole one of her signature folding techniques that she has described as being "her baby" in organization.

"Koopersmith, aka 'The Beverly Hills Organizer,' has been in business for more than 30 years and has shown off her tidying and folding techniques on TV shows, including The Style Network’s 2003 'Clean House,' posting videos on YouTube from 2008 and a 2005 book," reported Fox.

Koopersmith seems to be taking offense at people who believe Kondo created the upright fold method.

“I am a pioneer of the organizing business. I started in 1989 … I invented that upright folding method when my daughter was three to organize her drawers so she could see everything. I have shown how the folded item should stand up on its own for many, many years.

Although Kondo may get the credit for the folding technique, Koopersmith is still profiting off the fold. The cleaning and tidying business is booming thanks to Marie Kondo and her revolutionary ways.

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