Star Gives Credit to God After Giving Parents Biggest Surprise of Their Lives

August 02, 2017Aug 02, 2017

LeJuan James, a social media star, just gave his parents the biggest gift of their lives. The celebrity had been planning and saving for years, hoping to be able to buy his parents a house one day. That day came, and James captured the entire thing on video. 


He told E! News that he had been wanting to surprise his parents with this gift after they found themselves in deep financial trouble following the 2007 economic crash.

He said, “My parents went through a really hard emotional situation in 2007 when the economy crashed. They had two houses, and they lost them both in foreclosures. They’ve worked really hard their whole life to have that, and now they’re in their 50s, and they saw themselves in this situation.”

During the same time, James’ grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer. It was devastating for the whole family and something that his grandmother said stuck with James. She told him to always take care of his parents and to do the best that he could for them. For James, buying them a house was fulfilling that request.  

The celebrity said that his grandmother always used to preach to him about the Ten Commandments and about honoring God through honoring his parents. In the video, James and his parents have a conversation in Spanish while touring the house. James said that the conversation was about his grandmother’s words. 


The video of James surprising his parents has gone viral. As of Wednesday morning, the video had received 2.7 million views on his Facebook page. 

The star ended the video saying “God is good always.” He said that since he posted the video, he has received a plethora of positive comments. 

He said, “So far, I’ve received so many emails about how that personally affected them, whether it’s somebody that lost a parent and wasn’t able to do that for them but it makes them happy to see me do it. Others have sent me emails saying ‘Thank you. This is going to push me to where I need to be.”

James said that his main goal is to inspire people and to have a positive impact on the world. The video is one step toward that. Watch the heartfelt reaction of his parents below. 


What do you think about this story? Do you love how this star has been using his platform to bring glory to God and to honor his parents? Let us know what you think on Facebook! Another act of kindness that has been inspiring the internet is what a family recently did for Missy Robertson and her daughter on their way to a hospital visit.

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