Celebrities React to Linkin Park Singer's Shocking Suicide

July 20, 2017Jul 20, 2017

Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington committed suicide this morning. His bandmate, Mike Shinoda, confirmed the death on his twitter.


Bennington was close friends with Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell. In May, Cornell also committed suicide by hanging himself. The singer spoke at Cornell's funeral, and he killed himself on what would have been Cornell's 53rd birthday. People reports that Bennington endured a series of traumatic events in his childhood.

"His parents divorced when he was 11, and he was sent to live with his father, a police detective who specialized in child sex abuse cases. It wasn’t until years later that Bennington revealed that he was a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of an older male friend beginning at just 7 years old."

The abuse continued until Bennington was 13 years old. He eventually told his father, but he decided not to pursue charges when he learned that the abuser was also a victim of childhood sexual abuse.

“I didn’t need revenge,” said Bennington.

Because of his abuse, he turned to alcohol and drugs.

Friends, celebrities, other musicians, and even Governor Kasich tweeted to express their sorrow and dismay at Bennington's death.

Jimmy Kimmel tweeted, "Chester was one of the kindest men I've had on my show. My heart breaks for his family and friends. He will be missed terribly."


Kasich tweeted, "I'm still a big fan of @LinkinPark. Met Chester in Columbus & he was kind enough to call my daughters on the phone. This is a sad day."


Other celebrities echoed their feelings.





The members of OneRepublic had something especially poignant to tweet.

They wrote, "Oh dear God. Massive R.I.P to Chester Bennington of @linkinpark this BREAKS OUR HEART. Suicide is the devil on earth walking amongst us."


In a second tweet, they said, "Chester had 6 kids. If anyone out there thinks the world is better without you. You are so unspeakably wrong on every level. Get help plz," reminding people that suicide is never the right option.


Please continue to pray for Chester Bennington's family and friends as they deal with his loss, and also pray for all of those who have suicidal thoughts. If you would like to read more details about Bennington's death, click here. You can also learn more about his dear friend Chris Cornell's passing and why his wife thinks he committed suicide