Celebrities Demand Harsher Punishment for Al Franken than Senate Dems Do

November 16, 2017Nov 16, 2017

It’s interesting to see Hollywood and the D.C. establishment trying to police each other as both are embroiled in sexual abuse scandals. But it is good to see celebrities calling out Democratic Sen. Al Franken for his egregious actions and recognizing that they’re serious enough to call for him to resign.


The Democrat senators in D.C., though, seem content to only call for an ethics investigation after reporter Leeann Tweeden accused Franken of forcibly and passionately kissing her before later groping her while she was sleeping. And with photo evidence to prove the latter incident, Franken was compelled to admit his wrongdoing, apologize, and volunteer himself to be the subject of a Senate investigation.

Some celebrities in Hollywood, though — an industry Franken was once connected to as a “Saturday Night Live” writer — seem to be taking this more seriously and are calling for a more severe punishment. They made their opinions known on social media, according to The Hill.





Kathy Griffin also weighed in, saying, “I’ve done this exact tour. Not w Al, but same singer, same aircraft etc. Yes, it’s a war zone & heightened atmosphere. Verrrry boys club, but this is WAY wrong. Not a dem/rep issue. Minn should get a kick a-- dem to replace him. No sl-- shaming here, Leeann.”

Terry Crews added, “Amazing courage. @alfranken must be held accountable. Stay strong.”

“And sexually assaulting a sleeping woman is funny how? Who thinks that s--- is funny?” asked Gabrielle Union.

What do you think about their responses? In related news, a conservative radio talk show host has also accused Franken of stalking and harassing her and said she would love to speak at the ethics investigation.

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