Celebrities Are Trying To Do POLITICS Again! And This Time It’s Even More HILARIOUS

January 03, 2017Jan 03, 2017

Hollywood is at it again. During the election season, “Avengers” actors assembled to talk down to their fans and implore them to not vote for Donald Trump.

Then after Trump won, a desperate Hollywood could only seem to get B-, C-, and mostly D-list actors to go in front of the camera in a new ad begging Republican electors to be “faithless” and not cast their vote for Trump before the Electoral College confirmed his victory.

Now they’ve found E-list actors — most of whom you probably won’t recognize — and a one-second Steve Buscemi cameo to tell try to change how America is governed in an unintentionally hilarious new ad.

And this time they’re not just imploring or begging. They’re demanding that Congress obstruct any Trump policy that Hollywood doesn’t agree with.

And, amazingly, these actors — for the first time in cinema history — claim to represent the majority of Americans.


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