Celebrities and Costars Pay Tribute to Charlotte Rae: an ‘Incredible Force of a Woman’

August 06, 2018Aug 06, 2018

Charlotte Rae left a lasting impression on people far and wide. Costars and celebrities took a moment to pay tribute to a woman who was known for her love and generosity.

Rae died Sunday at her home in Los Angeles. She was 92.

The actress was best known for her role as Mrs. Garrett in the TV sitcom “The Facts of Life.” Her co-stars were quick to express their grief and condolences on social media.

Kim Fields, the actress who played Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey on “The Facts of Life” was one of the first to express her sympathy, writing, “You all already know my heart is heavy…. Sorry, no words at the moment just love and tears… and yeah, smiles.”

Todd Bridges, the actor who payed Willis Jackson, who played Willis Jackson on “Diff’rent Strokes,” wrote: “RIP IN PEACE ALL OF MY CAST MATES. I MISS YOU ALL.”

Mindy Cohn, the actress who played Natalie Green on “The Facts of Life,” wrote on Instagram, “it’s with a heavy heart & tears (but a smile as I think of her) that I now move through the world without this incredible force of a woman being it. She was my champion, a teacher, a proud example of the tenacity and perseverance needed to live as a creative, along with your talent and gifts. I love your char. As I send sympathies to Larry and the rest of the family, I wish you the happiest of homecomings.”

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